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Our National Emergency

By Mark A. Goldman                                                      6/5/2013

Quote the Raven…  Nevermore!

After you’ve read and researched hundreds or thousands of related articles by credible authors as I have done, it becomes obvious that the Constitution is no longer the law of the land.  It was abused, now fallen into disuse, no longer being preserved, protected, defended, or followed by the President, Congress, or the Supreme Court.  It isn’t being defended by most military personnel, civil servants, or other professionals who took an oath to defend it when they were licensed and/or authorized to work in their respective careers.   Likewise, what we call the fourth estate is also ignoring and abusing its purpose and mandate.

It is easy to provide evidence that the President and Congress now only follow the Constitution when it is convenient to do so.  When it gets in their way, they circumvent the rule and/or spirit of the law without consequence.   War and war crimes are regularly pursued, invasions of citizen’s privacy is ubiquitous, the writ of habeas corpus is suspended, cruel and unusual punishments are carried out in secret, while secrecy at all levels of government has become the standard operating procedure for abusing human rights and honorable process.  Principles of justice, freedom, and basic human decency are ignored as certain classes of individuals have separated themselves into those who are above the law and those who are not.  Those who are above the law have been enormously enriched, while most of those who are not above the law, have been, or in the foreseeable future will likely be, impoverished.   

Ignorance and avoidance of the law, of principles of justice, of honor and fairness is not limited to those who promised to make it their life’s work to understand, preserve and protect the Constitution.  The lack of concern and dedication to its principles is now the general state of consciousness of most ordinary citizens and professionals alike.  The overwhelming evidence is their ignorance, their silence, and their personal abdication of responsibility.   Most will say, “He’s not talking about me, he’s talking about them.”  Well, if most citizens honored their citizenship responsibilities, the Constitution would still be the law of the land and nothing I'm saying would be at all necessary. 

With most citizens, elected officials, officers of the court, members of the military, now... allowing, ignoring, and denying the perpetration of egregious affronts to principles of justice and freedom… the Constitution has been, for all intents and purposes, terminated.  The evidence is overwhelming for anyone who takes the time, has the heart, and cares enough to review it.  

“Liberty lies in the hearts and minds of men and women;
when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it;
 no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it…

                                                      —Judge Learned Hand


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