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How to Stop Bankers and Others From Destroying the World

by Mark A. Goldman                                    10/29/2014 Edited 11/15/2014

The people who run the country are not our elected officials.  Our elected officials have already been bought off by those who have the real power.  Those people control the banks and the Fed (remember, the Fed is not part of the government; it is an organization run by and for the banks).  The entire enterprise... the banks, the military industrial complex, the controlled media, the political party structures... are all being run by a relatively elite few, whose names you probably never heard of, who decide who will live and who will die, who will freeze and who will go hungry, to support the flow of wealth that is being generated by working people here and abroad, up through the complex machinations of business, media, government, finance, and war making institutions, to themselves. 

What keeps this all in place?  The refusal or inability of citizens like ourselves to become enlightened, which is to say, the refusal to rediscover and refine our values and priorities in a way that honors, supports, and uncovers the truth; the truth being the largely ignored and unexamined reality in which we live that prevents us from becoming as fully conscious, free, successful, and happy as we might otherwise be.   

When the truth is revealed... to, for, and by enough people who are striving to maintain their integrity and dignity, seeking knowledge for knowledge sake, and telling the truth to ourselves and others about what we are discovering in the process... only then we will we be able to bring that which is without integrity into line with what does have integrity, including that which we will inevitably learn about ourselves in the process.  That's what personal growth and progress is and should be all about.   With experience, integrity, and decency... comes peace, prosperity, and happiness as a natural and logical progression of a life well lived when lived with compassion, honor, and integrity.  We need to wake ourselves up and learn from our accumulated experience because what we are doing to ourselves right now is not natural or logical.

The process that I described earlier that steals from the poor to further enrich the rich, includes egregious war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against peace, and crimes against decency as entire countries, cultures and populations are destroyed and impoverished.  These crimes will continue to persist because those who have committed them, in order to escape accountability, will do their best to cover up those crimes, and that requires even more lies, greater loss of freedom for ordinary citizens, greater destruction of the social fabric as even more people get caught up in this growing fraudulent infrastructure.    

And if you follow the processes currently at work to their logical conclusion you will discover that we are nothing less than hell bent on destroying ourselves and our progeny.  No one is innocent enough and no institution any longer has the moral authority to investigate or prosecute the offenders... in fact, we are all, to some degree, offenders too... responsible for unconsciously and unwittingly allowing this whole unnatural enterprise to exist and persist. 

Anyone who sees the solution to problems as the need to destroy whomever they have come to believe is their enemy, will never find peace, never create peace, never be at peace.  Such people will forever be at war.  And these are the people currently running the show... with our help or silence.

So what can we do about all this?  The answer and key to the resolution of this "problem," I believe, lies in FORGIVENESS.  Forgiveness starts with the commitment to seeking, accepting, and telling the truth... not just about what's out there... but more importantly about what's in here... inside us.  We will not forgive others until we are willing to acknowledge our own limitations, our own culpability, and accept the truth that we too are imperfect... and be willing to forgive ourselves too as we take responsibility for the injustice we have done to ourselves by failing to pay attention to what's going on around us and failing to realize that each of us has certain responsibilities that come with having been given the gift and opportunity of being a human being here on this planet.  We must find a way to make peace with ourselves and with others. 

We must hold ourselves accountable, along with those we ordinarily would like to think are more culpable than we are.  We cannot kill or prosecute everyone who has made fundamental mistakes in constructing their own flawed world view.  If we try, we will destroy ourselves along with everyone else in the process.  Those who exercise the levers of power will never allow themselves to be held accountable unless they can also be forgiven.   We all need to nurture our capacity to forgive.   We must be willing to forgive, but in exchange for an acknowledgement of the truth... the whole truth... and nothing but the truth.  A full accounting of where we are and how we got here.  No recrimination.  But transformation, yes.  Only then will there be a chance for peace, and the opportunity to start over... hopefully having learned enough to give real peace a chance... and hopefully as we give our children and grandchildren... something real to believe in.


"...and if you haven't the courage to tell the truth, or the consciousness to honor the truth, or the love to love the truth, then one day you will not have the truth to tell, and soon thereafter you will not live in a place that will acknowledge the truth when it is told, and not long after that the truth will not be told, for it will no longer be allowed.  You cannot hope to be a traitor to life, and then expect to live in a free and just society."

From "The Answer"
By Mark A. Goldman

“Liberty lies in the hearts and minds of men and women;
when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it;
 no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it…

                                                      —Judge Learned Hand

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