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Two Suggestions to Help the Ones You Love 

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 4/19/2013


Democracy cannot survive in a society where a small minority of citizens owns and receives the lion's share of the nation's wealth and income. In the United States, those who own that wealth now easily dominate the media and corrupt the country’s most important institutions -- including the political process -- in order to acquire for themselves an ever increasing share of the nation’s bounty. In fact, our country is no longer managed or administered of, by, and for the People.

With a certain class of individuals now operating above and outside the law, the Constitution is essentially suspended, and the repercussions are reverberating throughout every corner of our society. These facts have been documented adequately by me and others (e.g., Citizens can no longer trust government officials to adhere to the rule of law, and confidence in our institutions is breaking down almost universally: citizens no longer believe that our system of health care, our legal and law enforcement institutions, our banking system, the media, our transportation system, food production, our energy policies, our schools and institutions of higher learning, our scientific institutions, our military, or our domestic and foreign policy initiatives are operating with integrity for the benefit of our society or the world community as a whole.  Instead they operate for the benefit and profit of those who dominate our key institutions by virtue of the power that accrues to them through their ability to acquire wealth… (not their acquired knowledge, wisdom and integrity).

Progress as we once thought of it is not happening. The Earth’s ecology is degrading; a mass extinction has already begun. Economies are becoming more unstable. Peace is not advancing or anticipated. Critical thinking is taking a back seat to illusions, delusions and popular entertainment. Respect for the truth is dwindling. Standards of living are declining and democratic institutions are breaking down. Not everyone agrees with this assessment. Some are oblivious or in a state of denial. Some say it’s always been this way, but I don’t think so. I think our posterity is on the verge of losing their birthright: the right to live in freedom and peace and receive the blessings of liberty, decency, and goodwill among peoples.

I know a lot of people now finally agree with what I am saying. Some people are awake and conscious to what’s happened. These people -­- you-­- are the hope of the world. What I wrote above is a preface to making two suggestions which I think could possibly make a difference.  It might be our last and only chance:

1) Never again vote for any candidate for any public office who does not have the courage and integrity to tell the truth about the current state of affairs and explicitly demonstrate by word and action that they are prepared, willing, and able to keep their oath of office… which is to say, they understand what’s happened and convincingly intend to restore "We the People" to our rightful place as sovereigns of our own republic and then honorably preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution and the rule of law. (I might add, this means that very few of those currently in office --­ from local officials to the President of the United States -­- qualify for the office they now hold.)

2) Read and understand the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and devote your time and energy to making sure that each article is honestly being pursued by every organ of society, particularly those who occupy elective office and those institutions and organizations with which you personally engage and support.

With respect to Item 1 above, this probably means that our system of voting must change. If it does not, most citizens will continue to be afraid to vote for people we know we can believe in for fear that it will only help elect those we particularly do not believe in. This has to change if we expect our grandchildren to live in a free country. We have to win back that freedom and to do that means we will have to reclaim our own honor, integrity, and muster the courage to change the way we participate in life and relate to the world we live in.

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