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You Don't Have to Occupy the Streets to Protest

Mark A. Goldman                                                                 Dated: 10/18/2011


If it turns out to be impractical for you to live on the streets and in the parks to protest, you can still protest right from your home.   Let me suggest one way you could do this:   you could spread the word that I'm a candidate for President of the United States in 2012 (if you think I represent your thinking and would make a better president than any of the other candidates, that is.)   And you could vote for me, or someone like me, in the next election.   The process of informing others about my thoughts and ideas would serve several purposes:

  1. It would offer a more focused agenda to your protests.   I think if you review what I have to say, you will find that I am in alignment with what you want.  

  2. It would give you and others an opportunity to deepen and expand your own thinking about what has happened to our country, what the causes are, and what can be done about it.   At my web site are not only my contributions but those of many others as well.

  3. It would be a bold action that the oligarchs in power would not be able to kill or control.  They could take me out or close down my web site or the internet, I suppose.   But that wouldn't stop us if we were working independently in order to work together.   There are others who could take my place.   They can't kill an idea whose time has come.

  4. Even if all I could receive would be a few million votes in the next election, it would scare the hell out of the oligarchs and send shock waves though the consciousness, given that I am not famous and yet could receive that many votes without their money.   It would inform everyone that the system in place is not a prison; that by thinking outside the box we all can make a real difference; and it might offer courage to some of the more outstanding men and women in our society to speak out, run for public office, and/or otherwise contribute what they have to offer in new ways for everyone's benefit.

Read my announcement, follow the links, see if you are willing to take some time to think and reason through this thoughtfully and carefully.


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