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A Number of My Writings and Op/Ed Pieces



Connecting the dots... glyphosate-the world's worst corporate crime, the cover up of 911, and the loss of our rights and freedoms, and more 1/1/2015
We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident... 12/15/2014
Conspiracy to Cheat God 12/1/2014
How to Stop Bankers and Others From Destroying the World 10/29/2014
State of the Union - 8/7/2014 8/7/2014
"We Believe We Have Won" 8/25/2005
Forgiveness 7/15/2014
Learning from Whistleblowers 7/14/2014
On Capitalism, Democracy, Economists, Politicians, Citizens, and Me 6/29/2014
This is Unacceptable 6/15/2014
Your Freedom or Your Shoes 5/16/2014
Crimes of the State 5/6/2014
In Pursuit of Sustainability 4/26/2014
On Government Crime 3/15/2014
The Way To Peace 3/8/2014
You Can't Be Afraid of the Truth and Expect to Remain Free 3/6/2014
Most of Our Men and Women in Uniform are Not Qualified to Serve 2/14/2014
Moving the Trim Tab 11/28/2013
Recharting the Future 10/18/2013
Love is not a Feeling 9/23/2019
The American People Are Not Sheep 8/9/2013
Impeach the President, Dismantle the NSA, and Fire the top Echelon of our Military 8/8/2013
Don't Make Me Laugh 8/2/2013
What to do About the NSA and our Freedoms 7/23/2013
Where are all the Adults? 7/16/2013
Corrupting the Morals and Sensibilities of a Population 7/10/2013
Will We Ever Know True Freedom Again 7/3/2013
The Implications of the Surveillance State 7/01/2013
Regarding the Criminality of Edward Snowden 6/30/2013
The Opportunity of a Lifetime 6/24/2013
Truth or Treason:  Where Do We Go From Here 6/23/2013
The Government has  Destroyed the Reputation of Thousands of Companies 6/16/2013
Attacking Edward Snowden 6/14/2013
To Those Who Don’t Mind Government Recording All Their Communications Since They Are Doing Nothing Wrong and Have Nothing to Hide 6/10/2013
Our National Emergency 6/5/2013
How Banks Are Going to Eat Your Lunch 5/15/2013
Two Suggestions to Help the Ones You Love  4/19/2013
Without Integrity, You Lose 2/7/2013
With a government made up of honorable public servants… 12/6/2012
There is No Fiscal Cliff 11/16/2012
No Easy Day:  A book report 11/12/2012
Treason at the ballot box 11/3/2012
If It Please The Court 10/19/2012
Same Old Story 9/24/2019
QE III is a Fraud 9/15/2012
On the Biden/Obama Convention Speech 9/7/2012
If You Want to Lead a Nation... 8/30/2012
We Are Already Waging Nuclear War 8/17/2012
The Truth About God and Abortion 8/17/2012
For Men Only 8/16/2012
Where Things Stand 8/8/2012
Stepping Back, Gaining Perspective 7/1/2012
There's a Time for Everything 4/18/2012
Declaration of Legitimate Government  
I am UN-suspending my Candidacy for President in 2012. 1/6/2012
Impoverishing the World Might Not Be The Best Strategy 1/2/2012
Money, Politics and the 99% 12/22/2011
The US Government is Now a Lawless Enterprise 12/21/2011
Rocky Anderson for President 12/17/2011
Announcement of my Candidacy 
for President in 2012
My Platform:  Vision for Spaceship Earth 11/14/2011
When you stand to fight the good fight  
To All Citizens Hoping for Change in 2012 12/14/2012
My Letter to Lawyers and Judges 11/23/2011
The Next Presidential Election Will Be A Referendum:
The People will Choose Tyranny or Freedom
My Objection to Placing FDR's Prayer on the WWII Monument 11/8/2011
Why the Economy Can't Recover 11/3/2011
Everyone Believes they Have the Truth 11/1/2011
My Third Letter to Protestors 10/29/2011
Broke and Broken 9/29/2005
I Rest My Case 10/22/2011
My Second Letter to Protestors 10/19/2011
Another Way to Protest 10/18/2011
My Open Letter to Protestors and Other Citizens Who Don't Like How the Economy Works 10/15/2011
Responsible Tax Policy for Responsible People 10/12/2011
Our Forgotten Dream: Our common dream: Our American Dream 10/6/2011
How to Fix the Economy  
What We Want 10/6/2011
On Obama's "American Jobs Act" 9/9/2011
The Final Chapter 8/20/2011
Thinking About Happiness and Unpleasantness 8/5/2011
Trouble! 7/14/2011
War, Treason, Redemption 7/11/2011
Declaration:  July 4, 2011 7/4/2011
Third Interview with Jesus 7/3/2011
On the Brink of Collapse 6/11/2011
America is America Because of You 5/29/2011

The Genius of American Capitalism

Time to Tell the Truth:  Obama Ought to be Impeached 5/19/2011
War or Peace, Life or Death:  10 Steps to Freedom 5/16/2011
Why is the Fed Managing the Economy? 5/14/2011
The TSA is a Terrorist Organization 5/7/2011
Osama bin Laden:  Gift From God 5/4/2011
Osama bin Laden and the US Response to 911 5/3/2011
About the Truth 5/2/2011
What You Need to Know to Save Your Ass - Part 3 5/1/2011
What You Need to Know to Save Your Ass - Part 2 4/24/2011
What You Need to Know to Save Your Ass - Part 1 4/21/2011
It's the Economy, Stupid 4/15/2011
On Freedom 4/12/2011
I, Juror 3/30/2011
It's Time to Change 3/1/2011
Hanging in the Balance 2/27/2011
Olbermann leaves MSNBC 1/21/2011
Blood, death, and failure 1/19/2011
Obama's continued disrespect for the rule of law 12/16/2010
Amazon drops Wikileaks / Goldman drops Amazon 11/2/2010
The Lesson of Repression 11/18/2010
Following the Footsteps to Rome 9/25/2010
More Evidence of Treason:  One More Piece of Evidence as to Why Bush and Obama Ought to Spend the Rest of their Lives in Prison 


Maybe God is Not the Fool You Think He Is 5/14/2010
Reflecting on Soros 11/4/09
Why we fail and how we can succeed 10/15/09
Unanswered Questions  8/31/09
Jesus' true message 8/25/09
On Congress 8/10/09
Re:  Torture Report: a 'security risk' - The Independent 7/30/09
Simple Plan for Improving Health Care in America 7/28/09
Accessory after the Fact 5/30/09
Letter to Obama #2 5/19/09
Letter to Obama #1 5/15/09
The Writing on the Wall 4/23/09
Open Letter To Members of the House Financial Services Subcommittee investigating the Bernard Madoff Fraud 2/8/09
Auto Vision 12/14/08
Sustainable Economics 11/29/08
Confusion, Illusions, and Common Sense 11/26/08
Taking Responsibility 10/01/08
Mismanagement 10/01/08
9/12/2001 9/11/2001
The Economics of Reality 9/5/08
Regarding Vice Presidents 9/3/08
Keepers of the Flame 7/24/08
Capitalism and Democracy - Part 2 7/16/08
Capitalism and Democracy - Part 1 7/10/08
Announcement of my candidacy for a House Seat 6/11/08
Sudoku as a Model for Finding Freedom, Peace and Happiness 5/21/08
Reality 5/6/08
Think for Yourself
Dr. Bartlett's very, very  important video.
Unqualified 4/30/08
Monsanto's Patents, Food, and its Pigs 4/27/08
Living in a Dream World 4/10/08
What's going on with our money? 3/25/08
No One is Leading 3/23/08
Simple Strategy for Deciding Who to Vote For 3/5/08
Guantanamo Comes to Main Street U.S.A. 2/11/08
Stand Up For Freedom 1/30/08
Remembering Martin Luther King and Others 1/8/08
Your Prayers Have Been Answered 11/1/07
Open Letter to Citizens of Planet Earth 10/28/07
The Last Man Standing 10/25/07
I Can Show You How To Build An Empire 10/13/07
Nothing to Fear 9/28/07
Debating Iraq 9/11/07
On Sub-Prime Behavior 9/8/07
Here We Are 9/1/07
How the twin towers fell 8/29/07
What Do Sub-Prime Loans Have To Do With Stocks? 8/15/07
Our Children's Last Chance 8/4/06
Time's A'wasting 7/26/07
Be Strong, Be Yourself 7/25/07
Now What Are You Going To Do? 7/19/07
Kucinch vs. Cheney 6/25/07
Live the Dream 6/8/2007
Half Hearted Attempts at Defending the Constitution 5/21/07
Message from Tanzania 5/18/07
Beware the Jabberwock! 4/5/07
Sometimes Doing Nothing Is Better 3/29/07
Losing the Next Election 3/23/07
The Price of Oil 3/21/07
About those signing statements 3/17/07
What does it mean to win an illegal war 3/16/07
How Bush Gets Jews to Give Up Judaism and Destroy Israel 3/13/07
TREASON - are you giving it a pass? 3/11/07
Does Reform Come From the Top or From the Bottom? 3/7/07
Simple Strategy for Citizens 
Who Want to Renew our Democracy
Talking with Jesus... again 2/18/07
Iran's Revenge 2/2/07
State of the Union:  a defeated nation 1/26/07
Does Israel Have a Right to Exist? 11/30/06
God and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 6/02/06
There's only one issue 5/18/06
Nancy Pelosi forfeits the Constitution 5/16/06
On NSA Data Collection 5/13/06
Mary McCarthy and the Bush League Players 4/26/06
Who has time for such naivete? 4/26/06
The Big Lie Persists 4/4/06
The Rice Blackburn Lecture 4/1/06
Simple, Not Easy 3/27/06
New Government 2/22/06
Saving America by Losing Elections 2/20/06
On God, Religion, and Cartoons 2/9/06
The State of the Nation 1/31/06
Our Late Republic 1/29/06
My Fantastic Dream 1/27/06
The Noose Tightens 1/21/06
I will show you what power is. 1/19/06
Treason 1/12/06
Cowards or Pigs 1/9/06
Questions to Ask Your Congressional Representative 1/7/06
Memo to the House Judiciary Committee
Democratic Staff
   Download as PDF File
Following Orders 12/19/05
Christmas/Chanukah List 12/8/05
Fiduciary Responsibility 12/2/05
Treason Timeline 11/30/05
Resolution Motion Denied a Hearing on Vashon Island 6/20/05
Mission Accomplished 5/2/04
The Real Terrorists 3/20/2004
Interview with Jesus 2/23/04
How I See It 2003
The Answer 11/15/2002
On Work  
The Children of Iraq 10/1/02
Like a Bull in a China Shop 9/5/02

On Citizenship


Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I've now written four books since 2000, (all published as e-books, one also in paperback).  Each book contains commentaries, most of which were originally posted on this web site, and each contains comments or writings that were never posted to this site.    The e-books contain reference links which might help you do your own research and due diligence.  —Mark

Titles of the three books, and a quote from each, are as follows:

The Answer... 
Available in paperback and/or as a PDF file.  It covers the period leading up to the Iraq invasion, and includes some earlier writings. 

Download Free or Buy  

"...and if you haven't the courage to tell the truth, or the consciousness to honor the truth, or the love to love the truth, then one day you will not have the truth to tell, and soon thereafter you will not live in a place that will acknowledge the truth when it is told, and not long after that the truth will not be told, for it will no longer be allowed.  You cannot hope to be a traitor to life, and then expect to live in a free and just society."

The Critical Choice... 
  Available without cost as a PDF file.  Includes commentaries from the fall of Baghdad until June of 2004.

Download Free  

"When an elected official takes his oath of office, he gives his word that he will preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.  Any individual who makes a personal decision to take office and then not abide by the guiding principles established under the Constitution and the body of law that follows from it, and favors instead his own interpretation of some other law, e.g., religious law... he violates both his oath of office and the law he tells himself he's following."

Broke and Broken... 
  Available as a PDF file.  Includes commentaries from the disclosures about Abu Ghraib until December 2005 including overviews of what has happened to our country, the Constitution, and the rule of law, particularly since the Bush administration came to power in 2000.


"The greatest danger the American people face now are not terrorists, but the possibility that you [Cheney] and Bush will not be impeached. For every day, while the American people sleep—ignorant and unaware of your gross infidelity—the rest of the world is looking at the photographs of burned, disfigured, and dismembered children, and they are beginning to believe that it is not just you and your administration who did this to them, but also our elected representatives, and the American people at large... because so far, we have allowed you to keep doing it with impunity. And given the anger and hatred for the injustice that they've been made to suffer, one can easily imagine the retribution exploding onto American soil if you and your conspirators are not repudiated and removed from office very soon."

Starting Over...

  Available as a PDF file. 

The dangers I spoke about in earlier books have come to pass, which is to say, we can no longer honestly say that the government of the United States is of, by, and for the PeopleBut that's not the end of America yet. We can Start Over.  It's up to you. Here's how.

Download Free

"My conclusion after years of research is that the American government no longer respects the sovereignty of its people.

Our failing experiment can teach us a great lesson:  the lesson is, that it's up to each citizen to honor and respect his or her own sovereignty, as well as, the sovereignty of others.

Any citizen who refuses... consciously or unconsciously... to do so, contributes to the failure of the experiment.

Personal responsibility is not something that you can give away, nor is it something that can be taken from you. We... each of us... is the true and only "government" of our own life.  Shirk that responsibility and you will eventually lose sovereignty over your own existence and also make it more difficult for others to retain theirs."

Our country, our culture, and the rule of law have been corrupted and degraded... with government, industry, education, media and most citizens no longer working in an enlightened manner, or with a unified vision that promises to leave this planet better off than we found it.  

I invite you to read my books.  Each book is written with commentaries in reverse chronological order, i.e., the most recent in the front of each book, oldest at the back... like standing at a point in time and looking back.  That might seem counter intuitive when you first start reading, because you may not understand how I could be saying such things.  As you continue to read, though, it will remind you of how we got here and it will all make sense.  At least I hope so.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me directly by email:  mark(at)

Mark A. Goldman

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“We are not going to be able to operate
 our Spaceship Earth successfully nor for 
much longer unless we see it as a whole 
spaceship and our fate as common. It 
has to be everybody or nobody.”

                     R. Buckminster Fuller


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