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There is only one issue
Mark A. Goldman                                                                      Dated:  5/18/06


Leadership does not come from government, business, mainstream media, religious centers, colleges or universities.  Leadership does not come from institutions; it only comes from individual human beings who take personal responsibility. 

The Bush administration has betrayed us a thousand ways.  Attempting to address so many issues dissipates our energy and leads to distractions, confusion, disillusionment, and lost hope. 

Yet when all is said and done what emerges is clarity and only one issue:  

We must restore integrity to the rule of law.   

That one issue is the only issue where any of us can actually make a lasting difference.  We have no say in any issue if the loss of the Constitution and our basic rights and freedoms become acceptable in the hearts and minds of our countrymen.  

We must confront and bring to justice the charlatans and their accomplices who fraudulently took the reigns of power, committed unconscionable crimes, and have taken it upon themselves to dismantle the rule of law, thinking they have done so with impunity.  

If this issue is not resolved, no other issue can ever be resolved… if this issue is not resolved, citizenship is irrelevant... our heritage and our children's birthright is lost.  

This administration must be removed and the rule of law must be restored.  

The following are links to two commentaries which, with their supporting links, are a roadmap for turning things around: 

I'm asking that you stand with me, so that I might stand with you.

And I also invite you to click this link, which every citizen should read:
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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