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I Can Show You How To Build An Empire
Mark A. Goldman                                                     10/13/07  revised  10/25/07

So if it’s an empire you want, I can show you how to build an empire. But I see no reason to do it like a bungling fool. Why would I spread nuclear waste on property that will one day be part of my own empire? Why would I build an empire in a way that causes people to despise me... forcing me to spend all my wealth constantly defending my gains… making up lies, arresting people, building prisons? What a waste after all that work.

The problem is that these would-be builders of empire have no imagination or finesse. They haven’t the sense to look at history and see that what they are doing has already been tried and failed. They repeat the same stupidities like greedy idiot lemmings. They make war, waste resources and leave ruin and animosity in their wake. They lie, plunder, cheat, and hide behind secrets… proliferating distrust, decay, and incompetence. 

Building an Empire might actually be a good idea if, it weren’t always being pursued by idiots and fools.

Even those who get rich fanning the flames of war, end up depressed and morally bankrupt. They live their lives in the shadow of lies, forced to hide their methods and accomplishments even from their own children.  All they are ever able to enjoy are the accoutrements of wealth… they don’t even know what real wealth is.

The problem is, these empire builders really don’t understand the power of intelligence, creativity, or wisdom. They could be wealthy, admired and loved. Instead they trade true riches for personal power and then wonder why joy eludes them. Theirs is the work of pretenders and fools.

Their empire is collapsing. One day mine will rise from the rubble. 

Truth, honor, dignity, compassion, courage, love.

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