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Blood, death, and failure
Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 1/19/11


It was reported today that President Obama confronted the president of China, Hu Jintao, about China’s human rights record. 

There is no question that China’s record on human rights is nothing to be proud of, but by my way of thinking, Obama’s record on human rights ought to have earned him his walking papers by now… by way of impeachment .  This is not to say that his record is any worse than his predecessor’s, but it surely isn’t any better.  Bush and his entourage ought to have been impeached early on in his administration and they ought now to be languishing in prison for the lies they told and crimes they committed. 

For the principles of truth and justice are universal.  Principles of justice and the truth do not change with the latitude, longitude or time frame.  The principles of justice, as humanity has discovered and enumerated them, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, for example, are steadfast.  It’s only our national character that is not steadfast.  The truth I am talking about is not some philosophical unattainable idealistic TRUTH, but rather the simple honor of having our words, knowledge, understanding, and behavior, all tempered by intellectual integrity and all being in alignment with one another.  

But everywhere we look we see people actively deceiving themselves, each other, and us… particularly those who hold the most honored positions of trust, power, and responsibility in our society. 

This state of affairs is a prescription for absolute failure... it’s a betrayal of life itself.  The ability to tell the simple honest truth of one’s own understanding is all that’s needed and all that’s missing.  We are a people afraid of the truth… we are afraid of the consequences of acknowledging the truth... because of the mistakes we’ve already made.  We fear the loss of respect, our job, our money, our reputation, whatever... if the truth be known.  Our fear of being boldly honest with ourselves and others is destroying our nation and our children’s future.

Unfortunately, those whose job it is to monitor how they themselves carry out their duties, almost to a person, have lost the ability to feel, think, or behave honorably in relation to the responsibilities with which they’ve been entrusted.

Of course, the American people especially have a duty to monitor the behavior of elected officials and to hold them accountable when they fail to honor their oath of office.  But most citizens, like their elected officials, are preoccupied with other concerns and are unable to respond appropriately to their responsibility as citizens.  And so, We The People are descending now in an accelerating death spiral, heading towards our demise as a sovereign people, having lost sight of our purpose and birthright.

Obama indirectly made reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in his comments to the President of China.  Anyone who has read and understands that document, and has also followed the policies that this administration has pursued since it came to power (words spoken by the President notwithstanding) should instantly recognize the extreme level of hypocrisy to which this President,  has stooped.  He's not alone.  How many citizens or elected officials have even read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Tragically... too few.

If history does not bear me out in this… if we are unable to turn this tragedy around… it will only mean that our progeny will have lost their freedom, their heritage and their birthright.  It will mean that those who came beforehaving given their blood in the cause of truth, honor, decency and libertywill have bled and died and failed... 


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