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I Rest My Case

Mark A. Goldman                                                                 Dated: 10/22/2011


In Items 1 and 2 below, I've laid out my case for why you should vote for me in the next presidential election.  

I recommend that when you read these documents you also read the links embedded with them.

Supporting my candidacy are three books and many commentaries I've written over the years which you will find at my web site.   Also at my web site you will find documents, commentaries and videos produced or published by others that I recommend you review, which I included whenever I thought someone else was particularly clear and articulate in supporting a point of view I agreed with... or if they provided information or expertise that I thought you should have... or if they said what I would have liked to have said and did so as well or better than I could have said it.   Not included on my web site, of course, is a good deal of other research that I accumulated over the years that helped inform my thinking on matters of importance.

With respect to my candidacy, you can get a pretty good idea of how I think and what kinds of policies I would likely pursue if elected by reviewing the body of work you'll find here:

1.        My Second Letter to Protestors

2.        The Announcement of My Candidacy for President of the United States

3.        My web site: (

Of course, you may eventually also want to know how I present myself in public.   I understand that you don't want to be embarrassed by people who represent you.    Right now a public forum is not available to me.  If enough people show an interest in my candidacy that will change.   I don't intend to raise money as part of my campaign.   If my candidacy eventually captures the public's imagination, I'm sure there will be ample opportunity for you to get to know me better.   But I'm not going to buy time or space to make presentations or advertise.  

I think it's also important for you to understand and be conscious about this:   a person's integrity is more important than how they present themselves in public.   We've had presidents speak poorly in public and also presidents that speak with smooth eloquence.   I've seen examples of both and have found that you can't always tell who might be a liar and a cheat or who might be honorable and wise simply by how they speak in public.   You find that out later when you compare what they say in public to what they do or say behind closed doors.

And here is something else you need to think about:   There's only so much a president can accomplish if very few members of congress are aligned with what that president wants to do.  And it's an uphill battle to get representatives to do what you want them to do if they do not already agree with you when they first take office.   That's not the conventional wisdom, of course.   What we are used to doing in this country is electing people to office who don't believe what we believe, and then we waste our time between one election and the next trying to get that person to change his or her mind from what they are inclined to do to what we want them to do.   It's a very inefficient way to govern and it doesn't work very well a lot of the time.   That comes from the practice of voting for who we think is the least worst candidate among two front runners rather than who we really think would make the best president among those running.  

Of course, it doesn't help if the entire process is rigged in favor of the two front runners to begin with.   But that won't change until there is fundamental change in attitude among the electorate.   Even though the system may be skewed in favor of two front runners, it's possible to change that system if enough people come to understand how they have been cheated and finally decide to change things.   We won't get Instant Runoff Voting or something else that might create a more level playing field until we eliminate unfair election practices.  I've already outlined how my candidacy could help beat that system.  But of course, it won't be easy.

So what I am saying is that if you decide you are going to vote for me, it's also important that you vote for other representatives who are similarly aligned in their thinking.   If you can't find anyone running who fits that bill, I suggest you should run for office yourself if you're qualified, and/or encourage someone else to run if that would be more appropriate.   That means there's a wide open field out there.   Not too many of our current elected officials, (local, state, or national), are qualified to hold the offices they now hold.   There's plenty of opportunity for qualified people to run.   Preferably, you want to vote for people who already have a record of defending the Constitution and also have provided some evidence that they have the wisdom and integrity to meet the challenges they're going to face if they get elected.

The ball now is in your court.  I'll help when I can, but the rest is up to you.  The question is:  Who will stand with me, so I can stand with you?  

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