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On Obama's Proposed 'American Jobs Act'

Mark A. Goldman                                                                  Posted:   9/9/2011

Rather than comment myself on Obama's speech of September 8, 2011 in which he refers to the "American Jobs Act" I  have posted articles written by others HERE dated 9/9/2011 which fairly represent my own point of view.   

...but I will add this regarding the speech:

Great delivery... an even inspiring delivery...  and yet as to substance... too little, too late, wrong headed, unresponsive to what our problems really are, a selling out of the American people. 

Why:  1) $450 Billion is not enough; 2) people are underwater and have been out of work too long, something useful should have been done a long time ago; 3) military budget needs to be slashed, we need mortgage, energy and transportation policies that makes sense, cutting FICA under- funds benefit plans even more, taking us in the wrong direction entirely; he opened the door to cut SS, Medicaid, and Medicare rather than taking steps to strengthen them, and ignores his continued assault on the Constitution which must be reversed if we are ever going to have economic prosperity again.  Great delivery for convincing undereducated and cheated people to accept more lies and deceit.

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