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If It Please The Court

Mark A. Goldman                                                                  Dated: 10/19/2012


I come before you to fulfill my pledge of allegiance to the flag and the people of my country.  I come before you to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  I have a first amendment right to speak out and to carry out my responsibilities of citizenship.

Every officer of the court, every member of the armed forces, every government official has the obligation and duty to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States against any enemy foreign or domestic.  Anyone who would knowingly damage the integrity of the Constitution and undermine the rule of law in order to advance a personal agenda that is inimical to the sovereignty and well being of our People does not come to this court with clean hands.  These people are enemies of our Constitution.

No government official, representative, or employee (and this includes the President of the United States) has any legal authority to kill, torture, incarcerate or otherwise suspend the rights of any person without due process of law. 

No government official, representative, or employee has the right to commit war crimes prohibited by the Constitution, as defined by its derivative and inclusive laws.

No government official, representative, or employee has the right to obstruct justice.  In fact, justice demands that my grievances be heard.   Terrible and grievous crimes that have been and are being committed by members of our government, and the people responsible ought to be stopped and those who have been the victims of such crimes ought to be protected by this court.

I believe that the President, unnamed members of his administration and staff, as well as unnamed members of Congress, high ranking officers of various departments of government and the armed forces have knowingly damaged the Constitution and ought to be held accountable for their egregious illegal acts of inhumanity which are partially enumerated below:

Enumeration of Crimes Committed

1.      The President as Commander-in-Chief has authorized the use of weapons fortified with depleted uranium (DU), which when used in populated areas causes birth defects and cancers. Even people not living nearby can be damaged by these residues which remain suspended in the atmosphere and can be carried by the wind to anywhere.

      The half-life of these radioactive materials is estimated to be well over a million years.  This means that thousands or even millions of people on our planet will be damaged by our use of these materials over many lifetimes to come.  This is genocide.  No one has the right or authority to commit genocide and no one has the right to keep such information about our use of these materials from the American people or from any people.  

      The use of these materials has destroyed the moral authority, credibility, sovereignty, security, and viability of our nation.  By engaging in genocide we have become indebted to the people of other lands beyond our financial ability to ever pay for the crimes we have committed.  We are bankrupt, morally and financially if justice is done.  And if justice is not done, we are, in any event, an illegitimate nation that is morally bankrupt if we do not stop our crimes and ask forgiveness.  Forgiveness is possible, but only if we own up to our crimes and commit ourselves to permanent cessation of the use of these weapons and reparations to the victims.

2.      In addition to crimes primarily against children and the unborn through the use of DU, we have committed murder through the use of drone attacks, where the military has indiscriminately destroyed the lives and bodies of innocent men, women, and children in populated areas, by targeting individuals who are so-called suspected enemies.  We have no legitimate business being in these places.  Our illegal attacks occur without proper authority from Congress, the UN, or the nations in which these attacks are perpetrated.  Again, these are war crimes.  I submit that other unnamed war crimes are also committed by our military forces, damaging not only the people who are attacked, but the sovereignty, credibility, and good-will of our own country and its people.

3.      The President has suspended the principle of habeas corpus and taken it upon himself to incarcerate people indefinitely or kill people through assassination, abandoning due process of law.  He has no right or authority under the Constitution to do this.  This usurpation and denigration of every personís human rights, along with items 1 and 2 above, damages every American and every current and future citizen of these United States, including me.   

I ask this court to find the President of the United States, members of his administration, and other government officials who support these enumerated crimes, in contempt.  

I have been damaged by these crimes and other crimes committed by this administration.  My family, my friends and every American and world citizen and our posterity has been damaged by these crimes.  Our country is lost if I and my fellow Americans cannot find justice where nearly every member my government has failed to uphold their oath of office.  I ask the court and every officer of every court to intervene on my behalf and on behalf of our fellow human beings wherever they might reside.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark A. Goldman

October 19, 2012

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