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Rocky Anderson for President

Mark A. Goldman                                                                Dated: 12/17/2011


just learned yesterday, December 16, that Rocky Anderson, the former mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah is a candidate for President and is forming a new party called the Justice Party. I didnít know anything about Mr. Anderson before yesterday but I am very impressed with his credentials to say the least. He has a long history of progressive activism and, as far as I can tell, has a record of achievement that makes him a serious and welcome candidate to the race. 

The announcement of his candidacy, which apparently took place on December 12, 2011, has already been well received by the media and also by ordinary citizens who have been looking for someone like him to come along. Below are a few links I found, including  his appearances on the Rachel Maddow Show and Democracy Now! 

You can also find him on YouTube as well, and I suggest you do your own research after reading this.

In light of this news, I am herewith suspending my own campaign for president, effective immediately.  

Anderson seems to want the same things I want. Essentially, I just want our children and grandchildren to have the future they deserve:  a place to live where they have the opportunity to reach their full human potential, and in a world where all peoples live in peace and enjoy the full measure of freedom and universal human rights.  

Anderson apparently has the consciousness, experience, and presentation skills that I would be looking for in candidates for public office. Even though I just met him, so to speak, I am asking you and others to put your attention now on Rocky Anderson and support his candidacy if you think he deserves it. 

I realize that some people are put off by the way we do politics now in our country, but I still think it would be a mistake for citizens who are looking for change to ignore this next election.  I suggest you mention him in your blogs and promote his campaign whenever you can, to give him the best chance possible to win this race.

I havenít decided at this point how I will support his campaign or even if my continued public support helps his chances, but Iím sure yours would. Please look these links over and watch for more. If you think he makes sense, please give his candidacy the support it deserves. 

Thanks so much.

All the best,





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