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Nancy Pelosi forfeits the Constitution
Mark A. Goldman                                                                      Dated:  5/16/06


With House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi telling us that Democrats will not try to impeach Bush now or later, we have an admission that the rule of law is now dead in America. At least it's dead with Nancy Pelosi. She wants to appease us with legislative perks. Her strategy: It doesn't matter that we've lost the Constitution, we'll make it up to you with a better drug prescription plan. (She smiles… Applause!)

I don't see any real signs of life anywhere else in Congress either. Apparently we are to accept and believe that…

  1. Bush and his cabal did not commit impeachable offenses, or

  2. We have entered a new chapter in America where some people are now above the law. In fact, what she is telling us is that the Constitution doesn't matter any more, that administrations rule rather than serve, and from now on some government officials will be accountable to no one… ever.

Bush's impeachment should have been well under way by now. The problem is that there has been a political coup, and the government of the United States has been overthrown.

This is not hyperbole. If you think such a pronouncement is over the top, it's only because you are uninformed and not paying attention.

How come no Congress person has stated publicly that Bush and Co. have committed impeachable offenses and why have no Representatives filed articles of impeachment? Is it too late now that they are all complicit? Allowing Bush to trample the Constitution is treason.

Individual members of Congress have given up their autonomy and instead of honoring their oath of office, they've subordinated themselves to party leaders. By sticking together either as Democrats or Republicans, they no longer represent the people they took an oath to serve. They are afraid to tell the truth or do their jobs for fear of something… fear of losing committee appointments, the next election, a bright career, blackmail, worse. Are they afraid of being "Swift boated" or "Wellstoned?" Maybe all of the above.

They have succumbed to a political apparatus that now operates outside the framework of the Constitution itself. House and Senate rules give some representatives more power than others… so much so that most representatives have lost their autonomy and sense of self. That was never the intention of the Framers.

There is nothing in the Constitution that suggests that newly elected representatives should have less ability to represent their constituents or defend the Constitution than more senior or better politically connected members.

Every member has a duty, an obligation, and a right to know what he or she needs to know to represent the people and defend the Constitution. They've neglected their duty, defied their obligations, and utterly failed to protect the Constitution.

The institution itself… in fact, national government at nearly all departments… is failing, corrupt, disintegrating, and ineffectual absolutely. The result is treason by default through negligence, cowardice and moral turpitude. Congress now is too dysfunctional to fix itself. They need to be swept away and replaced. The loss is catastrophic.

Unfortunately, these people are no more negligent than their constituents… so it's unlikely that very many will be replaced.

For those of you who pray, I suggest you change your prayers from "God bless America," to "God help us." And I suggest you start today.

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