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The NSA has Corrupted Thousands of American Companies

By Mark A. Goldman                                  Dated: 6/16/2013


The NSA has corrupted and ruined the reputation of thousands of American companies. I have read and now have reason to believe that the government asked for and received from financial, software and hardware companies secret back door access to the computers and software they provide to their customers. This fundamentally threatens my business and my Constitutional rights, because it means that if I write or say something that some ignorant or unscrupulous government agency or official doesnít like, I am potentially threatened by their power to shut me down or otherwise take revenge on me for whatever it is they might not like. 

Without taking any action at all, they have destroyed my fundamental rights and freedoms simply by having the illegitimate power to hurt me without due process of law. They operate in secret and therefore are unaccountable for their actions leaving me with the burden of having to worry whether or not I have the right to speak my mind to defend myself or the Constitution. 

I regularly download updates to my Microsoft software, but how do I know now that what I am downloading is there to protect me or make me more vulnerable to a back door assault. I donít know that now and how can I trust anyoneís word on this matter? Microsoft does not know how the government might use its powers and government officials lie whenever they want to. The same can be said for any other program or hardware I use, including my cell phone. In fact, every American software company is now damaged because we donít know and cannot know which companies have been corrupted and which have not been. 

This is the beginning of tyranny and the government has no right to seek such power regardless of what its motives are.

Every citizen is obligated to protect and defend the Constitution from any enemies foreign or domestic and our greatest enemy now is our own government and the companies with whom they partner. And the people who work for these companies have also been damaged because they have to fear that to deny the government what it asks for might damage their business or their personal careers. 

The government is unraveling the Constitution in front of our eyes and our freedoms are now hanging by a thread and whether or not we can turn this around is problematic to say the least. But one thing is clear: if we donít turn it around, our Constitution is destroyed and we are no longer a free and sovereign people.

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