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What to Do About the NSA and Our Freedoms

Mark A. Goldman                                               Dated: 7/23/2013


Hereís what I am thinking. We all need to upgrade our courage and integrity. The NSA, have destroyed the integrity of the internet and our communications systems. It is wrong for us to accept this. My recommendation is that every citizen should from this point forward refrain from purchasing any additional hardware or software from any company having to do with communications until we fix this unconstitutional fraud and deception.            

All of the companies that we use have betrayed us.  Apple and Microsoft, for example, have many billions of dollars in their coffers and yet they donít have enough honor and patriotism to spend some of that money to hire lawyers to challenge the legality of having to provide the NSA with secret back-door access to our information without a court order as the Constitution requires.           

We donít know which companies have provided the NSA with back door access to our computers or phones. I feel sort of sick now every time I get a message from a software company that wants me to update their program because I donít know if they are trying to protect my security and privacy or only updating the NSAís ability to hack my computer. How can I trust any of them. All of them have betrayed us. They should have been leading the charge to protect our security, rights, and freedoms.    

Where are all the Snowden(s) in the country who know how to read the Constitution? Why are we accepting this treason without a fight?   I say, take this message that I am writing, expand on it if you want to, and send it to everyone you know and ask them not to buy or download anything else from any company that could possibly be part of our communications systems, unless they can certify that they have not acquiesced to improper, unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, or unworthy activities requested by anyone, including and most particularly the US Government. That is the least we can and should do.                

Iím not asking anyone to sacrifice their income or well-being.  Iím just suggesting that if you can put off your purchase, with perhaps a minor amount of inconvenience, itís worth the effort in order to preserve our freedoms and security.    

It is not I who am asking you to muck up the system; it is our government that is mucking up the systemÖ and if we have any courage or sense left, we will not pay, support, or allow these cowardly, treasonous people to perfect the NSAís ability to cheat us out of our rights and freedoms because they are too afraid to defend the Constitution and stand up for what is right.

Each of us has a role to play, as citizens, in standing up for our own rights and freedoms.  You may think that since you donít care about politics enough to talk or write about or complain about whatís going on that you are safe and have nothing to worry about from the NSA or other agency.  But thatís just not true.   Our elected representatives, judges, lawyers, teachers, people in businessÖ anyoneÖ can be blackmailed or otherwise cheated by those who secretly acquire personal information on citizens who are in a position to make decisions that affect all of us, including legislation, court cases, jury decisions, zoning laws, contracts, any kind of political initiative, etc.  Everyoneís security and future can be compromised by people who are able to gain unfair advantage over other peopleÖ and one way they are trying to do that is to secretly acquire private information they have no right to know.   If we allow them to do this, our security and freedoms are doomed even if we are not the ones who have information that is secretly being stolen.

If you believe in freedom, stand up for our rights.  Do not support those who have betrayed our trust and lack the courage or decency to stand up for us and with us.  Do not buy products from people who cannot certify that they have not acquiesced to improper, unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, or unworthy activities requested by anyone, including and most particularly the US Government.   Our anti-virus software should be protecting us against unlawful searches, not helping the government bypass our attempts at protecting ourselves.  This is one way -- and maybe the only way -- to have our voices heard.

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