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How to Fix the Economy
Mark A. Goldman                                                                            10/7/2011

The economy won't be fixed until we have people in office who respect the rule of law and the basic principles of democracy. They also have to be well enough informed and educated to make rational decisions and have enough character not to be corrupted by money or power.  

And we won't have people in office like that until we are willing to vote for such people even if they are not Democrats or Republicans because you can't attain high office if you are a member of one of the major parties because the party leadership and most of its members have been corrupted by big money interests and won't allow you to win if you are such a person. So until that is fixed nothing our currently installed representatives do will really address any of the fundamental problems or injustices we face and put up with. Nevertheless, here is a list of things that need to be changed:

One way to overcome the box we're in is to think and act outside that box and I've described how to do that here:

and here:

You'll notice that few people in high office are interested in any of the things I talk about.

Fortunately, you can do something personal and real to make these changes happen.  Have you ever exerted real effort to accomplish something?  Well, that's what you have to do now if you want to live a decent and happy life in peace and freedom.  There are no guarantees, but there are challenging opportunities, and this is one of them if you're willing to go for it.


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