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What We Want 
(a short list)

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 10/6/2011


  1. We want an end to gerrymandered political divisions that produce predetermined voting results.

  2. We want an election system that offers a level playing field to all political candidates regardless of their party affiliation.

  3. We want automatic voter registration procedures.

  4. We want an end to voting machines that can be fraudulently manipulated.

  5. We want revised rules in the House and Senate that do not give some representatives more power to influence legislation than any other representative. 

  6. We want procedures that will minimize pork barrel legislation.

  7.  We want the impeachment of any public officials who are responsible for committing war crimes (or any other crimes) and an investigation and prosecution of any other individuals who have committed crimes as well.

  8. We want Senate ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  9. We want an end to the use of depleted uranium weaponry.

  10. We want the prosecution of individuals who have perpetrated fraud against the people of the United States including bankers and financial professionals.

  11. We want an end to the funding of our schools on the basis of real estate values. Every child has the right to receive a quality education independent of his or her family’s economic or social standing.

  12. We want a single payer health care system such as Medicare for all that covers every citizen and includes benefits for drugs and dental care.

  13. We want to open the air waves during election season so that legitimate candidates do not have to purchase air time in order to be heard.

  14. We want an immediate end to the rendition of prisoners to other countries; we want an end to torture in all its forms.

  15. We want restoration of habeas corpus.

  16. We want labeling of genetically modified foods.

  17. We want an end to the patenting of life forms or their modification.

  18. We want the restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act.

  19. We want progressive tax rates similar to what they were when the gaps in income and wealth between the rich and the poor in America was lowest.

  20. We want the method of calculating the Consumer Price Index, which is used for calculating benefits to retirees, to be restored to what it was before 1970.

  21. We want an end to corporate personhood.

  22. We want to Eliminate the Fed or have it be owned by the Treasury.  Only the government should be able to earn interest on money that it creates out of nothing.  The Fed is not a governmental institution. 

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