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Half Hearted Attempts at Defending the Constitution
Mark A. Goldman                                                                   Dated:  5/21/07

Everything Jimmy Carter said was true and at the same time it was incomplete and timid.  Cheney ought to be impeached, but why did Kucinich chicken out with Bush. 


In a very real sense these timid attacks on Bush and his criminal administration are counter productive.  What they communicate is that no public figure has the courage to tell the simple truth about the crimes and deceit perpetrated by this administration.  One by one our most well known political leaders are offering these half-hearted attempts at defending the constitution, which in reality is no defense at all. 


Even misses the point by tying the need to impeach to a need to end the war.  Whether we end the war or how we end the war is not the real issue here except in the sense that it was an illegal operation from its inception.  Impeachment is not about mistakes in foreign policy. 

This is not about errors in judgment.


This is about a president and an administration that has trampled on the constitution, done everything possible to destroy the rule of law, committed war crimes, committed crimes against peace and against humanity, plundered the treasury, and crippled nearly every administrative function of government by replacing thoughtful public servants with incompetent political hacks and yes men who have no idea how to conduct themselves with honor and integrity.


This president and his men are responsible for the death and injury of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and the destruction of their homes and way of life.  They are torturers, murderers and obstructers of justice.  Their negligence, lies, and deceit have caused untold suffering at home and abroad.  Even Bush's presence in the White House is almost certainly due to criminal conspiracy and fraudulent election practices. 


Bush and Cheney's leadership is unquestioned, but they have led us all down a path of death, destruction, dishonor, and criminality.  They have inspired citizens not to think, not to believe in the truth, not to believe in justice and fairness, not to believe in America. 


They have inspired elected representatives to betray their honor and their oaths of office.   They are tyrants and traitors.  They should be impeached.  They and their helpers should be tried for the crimes they have committed and if found guilty they should pay the price that fits those crimes.  And the rest of us should stand up finally and take responsibility for our negligence and sloth.  It is now up to us to do everything in our power to turn this treason around and make amends as best we can to those who have suffered because of our lack of citizenship.


Is there not one elected representative past or present who has the courage and the capacity to make this case?  Is there not one major newspaper? 


For those who have not kept vigilance and are still unaware of the evidence that supports my allegations, all you need is a computer, a love of country, and a desire and the courage to know the truth.

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