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More Evidence of Treason:  One More Piece of Evidence as to Why Bush and Obama Ought to Spend the Rest of their Lives in Prison 

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 9/17/10

The adjudication of this case -- a case against a subsidiary of Boeing -- was dismissed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on grounds that to let the case go forward would jeopardize the country by forcing the release of state secrets.  The secret, apparently, was that this airline was assisting the United States in shipping innocent men off to other countries to be brutally tortured, some for more than five years, and then made to sign false confessions before they were released.  The court found that although the charges were probably true, they had to dismiss the case as requested by the Executive.  The evidence that I found most compelling was the court's opinion itself, which demonstrated to me that our Chief Executive is a traitor to his country, much like his immediate predecessor was, and others before them were.  It is their infidelity and the infidelity of their advisors and so many others that makes a mockery of our judiciary, our flag, you, me, the teachers we had in school, our Constitution, and the good intentions of our Founders.  

I read this case and weep for my country and for my children and for children everywhere, for their future does not look as bright as mine or yours once did.  Their freedoms are hanging by thread. Their birthright has been stolen from them... and from me... and from you.  

Click here to read the judges' opinions in this case... read both the majority and the dissent.  Give thanks that there still is a minority dissenting view that you can read.  One wonders how long it will take before such a view will itself be considered a state secret... a secret you might one day suspect exists, if you are somewhat conscious, but never get to read about in a public forum.

If you think it is a bit over the top to suggest that our present and past Commanders-in-Chief ought to pay for their crimes, you need to remember that these victims join millions of others who faced, and continue to face, a similar fate... similar in that some were tortured, some murdered, others inadvertently killed, orphaned, crippled, blinded, de-limbed, burned, displaced, starved, nuclear poisoned, threatened, lied to, bankrupted, driven to insanity, or otherwise demeaned...  all in the name of carrying out a fraudulent, barbarous, unconscionable, mishandled, criminally negligent, totally corrupt and illegal war against people our Commanders-in-Chief were honor bound, and duty bound, to nurture and protect.  They chose instead to betray them, and also us.

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