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The Noose Tightens 

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 1/21/06


The government's request for Google search data is not about pornography.  It's about control. It should run a shiver down the back of every American.  Shame on those who already have given in. With search data, the government can not only see if you have tried to find pornography on the internet; it can also see if you tried to get the truth about the expanding list of Bush's illegal and immoral acts; it can find out if you tried to organize with like minded people to oppose the loss of your own freedom. 

This information would allow them to secure their power so that all they would have to do is interrupt communication to or from those who might be effective in organizing against Bush's growing unjust power. Maybe they are already doing this, but now only want to cover all bases. 

Privacy supports one's right to seek and/or protect one's own freedom and this is a direct attack on that right. The Bush government lies about everything and this lie is deadly. 

How long is it going to take for Bush to decide that anyone who is against him belongs in prison. He already said you are either with him or with the terrorists. He has already claimed the exclusive right to say who a "terrorist" is, and who is subject to torture or imprisonment without any due process or check on his power. If he thinks you're a "terrorist" then you are at risk of being permanently disappeared, tortured, or incarcerated. 

The noose is being tightened and most Americans are still fast asleep. Look closely and you will see that your own government is already the world's greatest terrorist and peddler of obscenities.  What is more obscene than the term "collateral damage?"  

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