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Mark A. Goldman
June 11, 2008

Introducing myself as a Candidate

On March 5, 2007, I announced my candidacy for President of the United States.  That's why some of my commentaries refer to me as a candidate for president.  That was long before Ralph Nader entered the race.  Now I no longer think that my candidacy for President serves a useful purpose.  

I decided instead to seek the US Congressional House seat in my district (7th District, WA State).  We need legislators who understand the issues and have the courage to pursue them.  

On June 9, 2008, seven days after I enrolled myself as a candidate for Congress, Dennis Kucinich finally entered articles of impeachment against George W. Bush.   Surrounded by empty seats in the House Chamber, Kucinich completed the reading of his impeachment document at midnight EST.

Perhaps the major reason for my decision to run for Congress, was that my incumbent opponent, for more than four years, refused to enter articles of impeachment when he was asked to do so... by me and others.  Of course, I could be running for Congress in any district in America and say the same thing.  The price paid for his/their negligence has indeed been dear.  

Though late in coming, this turn of events by Kucinich represents a great opportunity for Congress and for all of us to redeem ourselves by finally taking responsibility for the crimes and injustices that have been committed by Bush and his many enablers... we among them.  Why do I say "we"?  Because Bush's crimes were perpetrated day in and day out almost from the moment he stepped foot into the White House and it was our responsibility to stop him when we saw that he was an out of control criminal running amuck and that our representatives were stupified like deer in headlights.

If you think my attitude has a twinge of anger in it, you are not mistaken.  I am not happy at what has happened to us, to the rule of law, and to the millions of people whose lives have been trampled upon by my country and my people.  But I have not lost my love for you.

Perhaps if I were a lawyer, like say, Hillary Clinton, or a law professor and legal scholar like Barack Obama, or if I had been a prisoner of war like John McCain and had a lot of time on my hands to think about it, maybe I could think of a crime that George W. Bush and his staff and military enablers didn't commit, but for the life of me, off the top of my head, I find it difficult to think of one:  from petty larceny to grand larceny, from lying to a nation to instigate illegal wars, to rape1, torture, murder, obstruction of justice, criminal negligence, crimes against humanity, any number of war crimes, illegal renditions, kidnapping, illegal detentions, bribery, war profiteering, subversion of the Constitution, extra judicial executions, invasion of privacy, moral turpitude, malfeasance in office, corruption of subordinates and the media, fraud... and the list goes on and on.   Can you think of a crime the Bush Administration didn't commit?  Not an easy task.

I and many others spent more than a few years trying to defend our Constitution, which is to say, trying to defend our children and our grandchildren from these criminalsÖ while those who took a sacred oath to do the same... refused.  

Now Iím asking for the opportunity to represent you, hopefully with more wisdom and courage than those now serving.  We have a lot of work to do.  Do you think the same people who have been there these last eight years have the vision, integrity and character to do what needs to be done...?

My extensive writings, which state clearly what I stand for and what you might expect from me, are available at my web site.  Given how the main stream media usually treats independent or minor party candidates, the best way for you to get to know me will be by reading my books and/or commentary.  

I'm not asking for money, but I would like your vote.  If you think I'm worth supporting, you might forward this introduction to people you know and/or to folks you think might care.  

This is how I intend to run my campaign:  No paid commercials.  If I'm invited to speak someplace, I might welcome the opportunity, but I'm not going to be engaged in fund raising of any kind.  I don't think it should be necessary.  Do you really need to see signs in every yard and a lot of hoopla to vote responsibly?

Most people can read, think, and act with purpose when they really want to, and in my view, this would be a perfect time in the life of our damaged republic for citizens to want to.   

If you care about our country, our children's future, and our world, you will read what I have to say and then vote as your conscience dictates.  

Some say money rules politics in America.  I say, when you enter the voting booth no one can tell you how to vote no matter how much money they have or how much propaganda fills the airwaves to disinform you.  

I am asking you to have the courage to think for yourself and to vote with honor when you pull that lever or check that box. 

I have no political advisors, ghostwriters, speechwriters, or pollsters.  I believe that telling the truth and restoring the rule of law is the only way out of the morass in which we find ourselves. At least that's where we need to begin.  Read my basic platform for a quick overview of what I think is important and where I stand on many issues.

I imagine you will not agree with everything I have to say.   I might not have all the skills or attributes you think a public servant ought to have.  Iím not claiming to be a perfect human being.  But Iíve done my best to be a responsible citizen and now Iím prepared to do the same as your representative in Congress, if you decide you want to hire me.  

In any event, thank you for taking time to read this and for seriously considering whether or not to read more.  

In a spirit of friendship and brotherhood... 

Mark A. Goldman
Candidate for Congress, 7th District 
Washington State

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1What was her name.

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