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Mark A. Goldman                                                                       Dated: 1/12/06


George W. Bush is not the President of the United States. He isn't now and he never was. 

I don't believe that there are any statute of limitations on treason or fraud and I believe he and many others are guilty of both. I believe every decision Bush has made since he took over the White House… every political appointment, every piece of legislation he signed, every official act has been illegal and invalid.

When Bush was given the Presidency by the Supreme Court, the issues I am raising had never been addressed. And subsequently they never were addressed. The Supreme Court concerned itself with the counting of ballots but never with whether the first election itself was fair or legitimate. I don't believe that either the election of 2000 or the election of 2004 was fair or legitimate. No one even approached the Supreme Court with the second election fraud.  Bush simply was never duly elected. The fact that so many people have pretended that the lie doesn't exist or that it doesn't matter that it exists, does not satisfy the Constitution or reality.

In fact, the government of the United States has been overthrown in a political coup. And this act of treason is part of an extensive conspiracy. Many of the conspirators have been rewarded for their acts of treason. They include most or all members of Congress and un-elected officials of both major political parties who continue to operate as if Bush were the President.

I have been an advocate for Bush's impeachment for a long time, but I have been wrong to be such. How can you impeach someone who was never duly elected.  The logical implication of my analysis is that Bush and his co-conspirators should simply be arrested and tried for treason. Who can or would do that, I don't know.

I am not a lawyer or expert in the law, so the implications of this are not fully clear to me. But I am fairly certain that what I am saying is the truth. The electors who voted for Bush were not duly elected, people who knew the election was a fraud have allowed the deceit to persist, and none of the conspirators have been prosecuted or pursued within the context of my argument. 

The United States of America as a legitimate constitutional government no longer exists as far as I can tell. If this question is not now legitimately addressed, and I have no reason to believe that it will be, the American Experiment is over. I suppose that there is a period of time after a political coup takes place when the legitimate government can be restored, but how long is that? Five years seems like a long time to me for a country to be run by criminals. How much longer can the illegitimate acts of criminals be considered part of the body of law and culture before we conclude that the original government no longer exists. After all, we are engaged in an illegal war now; it is being prosecuted by an illegitimate government that is recognized by the world community as the United States of America. The name is the same, the people are the same, but the government was never duly elected and the new government is in the process of successfully dismantling the Constitution of the old one.  

On Citizenship

“Liberty lies in the hearts and minds of men and women;
when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it;
 no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it…

                                                      —Judge Learned Hand
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Mark A. Goldman, 61, is a financial planner and the author of three books of political commentary.  He has a degree in Economics and an MBA in Corporate Finance.  In 1988 he was a write in candidate for President of the United States and  in 2004 a write in candidate for the House of Representatives, 7th District, Washington State.  His web site is:  Email:

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