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Clues to Identifying Hypocrites, Liars, and Cheats 
Mark A. Goldman                                                                     Revised: 9/5/04

Instructions:  Click and read each link in turn (starting with the one in the title). Hit the Back button on your browser to return after reading each one all the way through.


Name of Legislation or Initiative

What it Actually Does

The Patriot Act Removes rights and freedoms previously won by true patriots... and guaranteed to all US citizens.
The Wilderness Protection Initiative Removes previously guaranteed protections to wilderness areas.  Threatens already endangered fish and wildlife.
War on Terror
Bringing Democracy to Iraq
Encourages terrorism by killing and maiming innocent civilians, destroying their property, poisoning their land, denying due process to detainees, reshaping their economy to benefit our own, and avoiding responsibility for all errors in judgment, gross negligence, and unnecessary acts of violence.  Iraq not implicated in terrorism in any way nor did it have any armaments with which to threaten other countries.  Appointed Prime Minister Allawi, (accused of personally committing murder by two independent witnesses), in charge of Democracy in Iraq.
Free Speech Areas Prevents protestors from being seen or heard by the media, the public, or the person or persons being protested.  Prevents anyone identified as not supporting the President from attending his speeches or rallies.  Allows anyone who agrees with the President to speak freely or praise him on camera. 
Tax Cuts and Budget Initiatives Cuts taxes for the wealthiest Americans, while widening the gap between the rich and the poor.  Actually increases the cost of living for the poor by reducing national, state, and local government benefits and services and forcing states and local governments to increase the kind of taxes that hit the poor hardest.
No Child Left Behind Initiative Leaves even more children behind
Faith Based Initiatives Attacks Constitutional requirement for separation of church and state.  Diverts public funds into private interests.  
Stem Cell Research Initiative Limits Stem Cell Research
Clear Skies Initiative Exempts industry from having to add pollution controls. Allows 17,000 corporations to pollute more air.
Healthy Forests Initiative A give-away to the logging industry.  Only makes logging companies (not forests) healthier... at least for a little while until what's left is ruined.  Does nothing significant for fire prevention.

On Citizenship

How to Protect the Constitution of the United States

Other Links

Believing in the Constitution and the rule of law is not about partisan politics; its the fundamental framework and principle on which our society is based.  It finally begins to sink in that we are in trouble when you realize that the mainstream media -- American TV and Newspapers -- have not discussed, nor have they tried to make what is available on this page seen or heard by the American people.  If at the end of the day, it turns out that your job truly is  more important to you than your freedom, in all likelihood you will eventually end up losing the joy of both.

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