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Can't we come together on this?

Mark A. Goldman                                                                    Dated: 8/27/05


Now we have reports that American troops who have served their tour of duty are returning home only to find that they have Depleted Uranium poisoning:

DU poisoning causes cancer to those exposed and possible birth defects to their offspring. These effects were widely known before this war began. Even I wrote about it in my own effort to stop the carnage before it began: Certainly, the President had the opportunity to be as well informed as I was.

Anyway, some of our troops are not only coming home with DU poisoning, they are being denied the proper testing they need when they arrive, apparently to hide from all of us and also from the troops themselves, the burgeoning tragedy now starting to unfold. Potentially, this is a crime of unheard of proportions.

Whether you were for the war or not, donít you think that those who sacrificed themselves in order to carry out this administrationís policies deserve to be treated honorably by the folks who sent them there? Now that we know about this, are we going to support our troops or not? Shouldn't they get all the testing and all the treatment they need? Shouldn't those still in harms way be brought home as soon as possible?

And in the name of God, shouldn't we have some compassion for the Iraqi people? Those folks are already home... they have nowhere to hide. They are not the enemy. We were supposed to set them free, not poison their homeland, damage their DNA and torment their progeny. We need to admit what we have done and do whatever is possible to clean up the mess we made.


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